Welcome to TortoiseMoney!

Welcome to Tortoise Money

Hey there, yes, you! Welcome to TortoiseMoney, make yourself at home!

I’ve always been interested in FIRE (Financial Independence Retire Early), ever since I discovered it by chance in my university days. Back then, I was just a clueless uni kid looking for ways to get more money to spend, looking to get more than the measly 0.05% interest in POSB (back then high yield accounts like Jumpstart and Singlife didn’t exist yet heh the best we got was Save-As-You-Earn). So for me, FIRE seemed like a dream come true. A strategy to compound your money and leave the corporate world behind. 

But with all good things, good things must share right? I wanted to spread the good word, to let everyone know that this opportunity was available to them. Alas, I felt that my reach was limited, after all, I could only help so many people at once. 

This sent me down a path, seeking for a means to help other youths find the journey that I’ve been on. I toyed with the idea of content creation for a long while before deciding on this humble blog.

I hope the posts here will help you on your journey to better finances and hopefully, financial independence. More than that, I hope that by following my own journey, you’ll be inspired to start on your own as well!

If you enjoy my posts, do consider subscribing to my updates and if you have any burning questions or want to correct an error in my posts, feel free to comment on them or drop me a message!

Here’s to living life on our own terms!



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