A little story about my life, TortoiseMoney and where we’re headed…

Hi there!

My name is Chris, and welcome to TortoiseMoney.

I’m a dude from Singapore in my mid-twenties in Accounting (I know, typical), with a dream that many around me might consider impossible: to retire at 40, travel the world and start a small business.

Well, when did this all start? Let’s go back, way back…

I always wanted to be a millionaire as a kid. I thought having a million dollars would allow me to stop working forever. Being a young kid, it certainly seemed like it. A magic number, seemingly impossible to achieve at that point.

Of course, as I grew older, I realised that life was much more expensive than I thought and inflation crept up quietly as well. When I was 16, I worked my first job, earning $7 per hour and a waiter. Between 18 to 21, I continued taking up a variety of service line gigs to earn something for myself. I’ll admit it did teach me a lot about hard work and how money wasn’t easy to come by. But the more important thing I learnt was that I really did not see myself working until what society deemed to be “retirement age”.

I wanted to find a way out.

A way out of the rat race.

A way to live life on my own terms.

Fast forward a couple of years, I stumbled upon the concept of FIRE: Financial Independence Retire Early. I won’t lie, I had my doubts initially. It seemed like a scam, some way to sell you a course. But as I read more and more into it, websites, videos, books and research papers, I knew this was the way. It didn’t look easy, but I knew it was possible. And the deeper I went into the rabbit hole, the more I wanted all my friends to be able to pursue this dream as well.

And that’s how TortoiseMoney was born.

I created TortoiseMoney as a way to help others navigate the world of finances, get their lives in order and get to where they want to be. An all in one site for investing, personal finance and lifestyle built just for the young and the clueless like I once was. Here at TortoiseMoney, we will discuss:

  • FIRE: What, Who, Why and How
  • Investing: Stock, options and the nitty gritty
  • Personal Finance: Budgeting, insurance, housing, loans, credit cards and good financial habits

Tortoise Money isn’t a get-rich-quick scheme. It’s a slow-and-steady wins the race kind of deal. Whether you just want a little more money to spend or to retire early so that you can be a musician full-time, this blog has got you covered.

In a sense TortoiseMoney, is also definitely for me to keep myself accountable to my own goals and for all of you to follow me along this journey. Milestones, decisions and things I’ve learnt along the way, all laid bare for you to see.

I hope this site will help you understand your finances and, more importantly, yourself better.

Finances don’t have to be confusing, start your journey today with TortoiseMoney!