Here are some resources which I enjoyed which I think you might like too!

Other Sites & Blogs

Seedly – I’m sure most of us are familiar with Seedly, Singapore’s larget personal finance website! Filled with well-designed graphics and simple to understand content, Seedly is a great place to start your personal finance journey!

Investment Moats – Investment Moats has also been another resource that I regularly visit and used when I first started my journey. It is run by Kyith, who also manages the /r/Singaporefi subreddit and its respective telegram group. – Run by Derek, this site aims to consolidate posts by various financial and investing bloggers across the Singapore blogosphere to help everyone stay on top of the latest tips, tricks and analyses released by Singapore’s bloggers! – Singapore Investment Bloggers was started in 2010 to compile a list of investment blogs based in Singapore for easy access and reference. A one stop platform to get access to all of Singapore’s finance bloggers in one go!


The Little Book of Common Sense Investing

The Little Book of Common Sense Investing is one of the first books that taught me to invest. Written by the father of index investing and the man who essentially invented index funds, this is essentially the bible to passive, index investing and this is also how I first got my toes wet in the stock market with purchases of our local STI ETF then eventually S&P 500 ETFs not long after. For any beginner investor, this is a great place to start! Get it on Amazon here!

One Up on Wall Street

Peter Lynch describes in this investing classic, how regular retail investors like you and me can beat the pros on Wall Street. He covers his method to get into simple and boring stocks that return insane returns. Lynch himself has had an annualised return of 29.2% in the 13 years he ran his fund, making him one of the best (recorded) investor of our times. Get it on Amazon here!

The Psychology of Money

The Psychology of Money spans 20 short chapters in which Morgan Housel considers various aspects of how psychology and finance intersect and impact each other through short anecdotes, some famous and some lesser known. It is an interesting and short read which might really change the way you view your finances. I did a review on this book here and you can get a copy of it on Amazon here!